Home is the place where we live, but it is also the place where we feel comfortable, loved and protected - in short, a sacred and vital place. Our family history is inextricably linked to these values and we have been at your side for over 60 years,
from foundations to finishes, to build a dream: yours!


A 1000 square metre space dedicated to design and the best brands of furnishing finishes: flooring, window and door frames, bathroom furniture, building materials. The wide range of possibilities is designed to offer maximum freedom of choice and expression of one's tastes and needs.

Le radici formano solide fondamenta.

A simple yet effective principle that applies to the home, in the sense of dwelling, as well as to the family and one's own life plans. It is with these principles in mind that for over 60 years we have been supplying building materials for construction and renovation, from foundations to finishes.


Our way of working encompasses not only vast building warehouses, but a concentration of experience, consultancy and passion that in our 60-year history we have learnt, breathed and lived by realising houses, projects and dreams together with you. From traditional building to state-of-the-art solutions via the world of ceramics and home energy saving solutions, we are at your side to assist you step by step.
Attentive to the evolution of society and the reference markets, Gostoli has always had an eye for environmental issues, which today have become not only an emergency, but and above all a fundamental variable that characterises and influences purchasing choices and contemporary lifestyles.
With this in mind, the Giusto Gostoli company offers a wide range of products and building materials linked to the philosophy and cultural approach of green building and sustainable architecture.

Confirming the company's great commitment to environmental policies, 230 panels have also recently been installed in the new headquarters in Via Meucci to create a photovoltaic system capable of producing 62,000 kilowatt hours of renewable energy per year, allowing the company to generate carbon dioxide savings of 33,000 kg per year.


In our shops you feel at home because we speak the same language as you.
We are one big family, we have the same needs as you - homes, children
life projects - and we know the territory well because we are not only
part of it as a company, but we have grown up in it and continue to live it in a heartfelt and participative way.
Heartfelt and involved in it. That is why we know how best to assist you, in a personal and personal and with passion.

50S - 60S

It’s 1954 when Tullio Gostoli comes back to Fermignano after twenty years in Bolzano; there he had built a transport company, challenging the economic depression, and had taken part in the building field, which was particularly lively during those years thanks to the construction of dykes and hydroelectric systems. In this very year, Tullio obtained the commercial licence to sell “building materials, cement, lime, tiles and cement objects”.

70S - 80S

In 1969 Giusto Gostoli started working with his father in the family company, being at the same time seller at “la Fornace PICA”, memorable manufacturing of Pesaro bricks. It was during this experience that young Giusto got in contact with the stimulating world of surveyors, architects, engineers and building entrepreneurs of his area, in a general growing of industrial and building activities.

90s – 2000s

In 1976 the company ownership goes from Tullio to Giusto, who eventually takes up leadership. These are years of great changes and the effects of the Italian economic boom are still visible: in these very years, opportunities in the construction field increase and Gostoli takes advantage and resolves to buy directly from the producers, thus conferring his company a research cut, more and more attentive and looking forward.


In the 80s, the original development of materials such as fiberglass, plastic laminates, glass block and enameled colored brass, leads to new application solutions in furnishing and design. This stimulates the Gostoli’s company which undertakes a new path of aesthetic research, materials selection and diversification, thus managing to widen the company offer and the spaces dedicated to exposition.
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Giusto Gostoli rappresenta un punto di riferimento nel territorio per il settore della fornitura di materiali per la casa e l'edilizia.
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